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WarpTunnelServer Help :

Server Settings Tab :

Server Name : An univoque name for an instance of a WarpTunnel Server.
Server Host/Port : The IP and port where WarpTunnel Server is going to listen for incoming connections.
Foward Host/Port : The IP and port of Service to use over HTTP Tunnel.
Save Server Settings : Save current settings to disk.
Clear Settings : Clear current settings and set these to default values.


Server Options Tab :

Compatible Mode :

If you check this the current server will be compatible with old versions of HTTPTunnel clients.

Check this also if your client have problems during connection.

Logger : You can enable a logger that will write on disk informations generated during WarpTunnel Server execution.There are two levels of logger : one to log every action, the second to log only errors.
Soft/Heavy Thread Mode : Use SoftThread mode option on a sigle-processor/slow-processor system.
Use HeavyThread mode option on a multi-processor/dualcore-processor/veryfast-processor system.


Server Authentication Tab :

Authetication :

You can ADD/DELETE and authenticate user or modify the password. The password will be saved as a Base64 string of its MD5 Digest. An Authenticate user can use a single service to use more than one service. If you don't want that non-authenticate users use sever you simply set a non valid Foward Host/Port (like in server settings tab.