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Change Log :

Changes since v1.4.7.0
- Completely rewritten accept/reconnect server engine. Now tunnel core is definitively stable for intense multi-client use.
- New server is not compatible with older version clients .
- This led to drastically improve multi-client perfomance and stability.
- Fix some minor stability bug into client/server class.

Changes since v1.4.0.0
- Add notify icon for WarpTunnel Server and Client GUIs.
- Add Encryption for data inside tunnel. New client version is not compatiple with older server ones.
- Add command line option "-s" to client & server Guis that when used automatically start servers & client when gui was loaded.
- Improved client time response.
- Some minor improvements.

Changes since v1.3.5.0
- Add source URI reconnection Control : for any new reconnection server control if reconneted IP address is the same of the one that open the tunneled connection.
- Add Automatic proxy configuration : use Internet Explorer proxy configuration.
- Some optimizations into copress/decompress class (better performance).

Changes since v1.3.2.5
- Fix a little bug into tunnel_in_connect and tunnel_out_connect routines.
- Clear code into TunnelReader and TunnelWriter routines.
- fix bug into tunnel_write_request routine.
- Modify code into tunnel_out_connect and tunnel_in_connect : now tunnel try again if connection fail ( Max 10 times ).
- Library Warptunnel.dll and its source passed from GPL to LGPL license. Other Parts of this project remaing under GPL license.

Changes since v1.3.2.0
- ClientTunnel Form bug fix : if you use compatible mode you can't use stealthmode.
- minor bugs fix.

Changes since v1.3.1.0
- Rewrite code into "read_until" function that can freeze the server.
- Add some code to stabilize Tunnel-core (add timeouts on socket polling routines).
- Add sorting routines to statistics list.
- Now is possible to clear statistics of closed connections.
- Add "Stealth mode" option in WarpTunnelClient to avoid proxy packet filtering (to use this new feature you need to update the server too !!).

Changes since v1.3.0.0
- Now WarpTunnelClient can emulate HTTP TUNNEL PROXY (CONNECT method),SOCKS4/4A and SOCKS5 to accept connections from applications :
so now the destination address can be fix (using old option settings into tunnel authentication group)
or variable using addreses passed by applications that connect to WarpTunnelClient listening port.
With this options you can run over HTTP Protocol programs that support HTTP TUNNEL PROXY,SOCKS4/4A and SOCKS5 like :
* FTP (only in passive mode).
- Add possibility to choise if WarpTunnelServer ot WarpTunnelClient should run in HeavyThread mode
(3 threads for client and server for every new connection) or in SoftThread mode
(1 thread for client and server for every new connection).

Use SoftThread mode option on a sigle-processor/slow-processor system.
Use HeavyThread mode option on a multi-processor/dualcore-processor/veryfast-processor system.
- Add menu into WarpTunnelServer form to delete users from authentication list.
- Add DestinationHost and DestinationPort into Client Connection Statistics.
- Add Strict Content Length options into WarpTunnelClient Options tab.
- Rewrite some code into WarpTunnelService module.
- Now both WarpTunnelServer and WarpTunnelClient forms are sizable.
- Now if tunnel-authentication fails tunnel will close immediatly.
- Change content-lenght range : now from 10240 to 1024000 (default value is 102400)(bytes).
- Fix bug into Tunnel core-engine that could prevent some data to go throught proxy server.
- Fix bug into "tunnel_accept" function that hang-up the server.
- Fix bug into "tunnel_close" function : now closer wait for close response (so all data into buffer can be send).
- Rewrite code for ServerAuthentication.

Changes since v1.2.2.0 - Stable Maintenance Release
- Only one instance of WarpTunnelServer can be execute at a time.
- Tunnel general performance improved A LOT (Update Server and Client !!).
- Fix minor bugs.
- Tunnel core-engine stability improved.
- Now WarpTunnelServer's form is smaller.

Changes since v1.2.1.0 - Stable
- Fix bug for "Proxy buffer size option" (now work).
- Change Forms Tab indexes.
- Now you can choise if use connection statistics or not in the client.(in options tab)
- Eliminate a bottle-neck from "tunnel_write_or_padding" function (internal tunnel bandwidth and data delay improved).
- Eliminate problems with compression routines (Server executable update required !).
- Now Connection Statistics don't use Datasets (less memory usage).
- Now All tunnel code is inside one library "WarpTunnel.dll".

Changes since v1.2.0
- Add Client Authentication to Server
- Add capability to specify destination address:port at connection time (only with client authentication)
- Mantain compatibility with all old clients version (view protocol document).
- Make "ClientTunnel" and "ServerTunnel" serializable items.
- Some code rewriting (eliminated memory leaks).
- Some code optimization (tunnnel data delay improved).
- Now "getServerSocket" is only needed for "non-Authenticate" WarptunnelServers.
- Fix a bug when multiple connections arrive at the same time (TCP or UDP).
- General bug fixes.
- Compile a Client for Compact Framework v 2.0.

Changes since v1.1.0.7
- Change Digest Proxy Auth routine (now only one connection to obtain authentication's headers for the same proxy server).
- Add two new options on WarpTunnelClient form :
* Proxy buffer size : to try to set the size of buffer used by the server.
* Proxy buffer Timeout : to try to set the timeout used by the server to flush data from buffer.

Changes since v1.1.0.5
- Change code inside "tunnel_read" function (internal tunnel bandwidth and data delay improved).
- Change code inside "CompressData" class (now routines use MemoryStreams).
- Fix Bug into compression statistics.
- Add "WarpTunnelSocketsFactory" class for developers use :
* "getServerSocket" create a binding (for UDP) or a listening (for TCP) socket based on a ServerTunnel class.
* "getClientSocket" create (and connect only for TCP) a socket to the listener port of a ClientTunnel class.
* "getClientSocket" return also the connection's remote EndPoint.
* These procedures return NULL if an error occurred inside them.
- Fix bug into ClientTunnel and ServerTunnel classes :
now the two classes can accept multi-client requests without loss of data.
- Changed the key of HashTable in "UDPInputBridge" from String to IPEndPoint for better performance and clear code.
- Fix some bugs in Client Form :
* When you close the form settings will be saved.
* If you select compatible mode you can't select compression or UDP/IP protocol.

Changes since v1.1.0.0
- Change "find_server_reconnect_port" search port routine : now the first free port after the server one is used.
- Now "find_server_reconnect_port" return a Socket bind on the new port;
- Fix bug in statistics : reconnections on input channel now increment number of connections.
- Add UDP Protocol Support !! (you need to update the server !!!)

Changes since v1.0.9.2
- Fix a bug on Client Form. Settings loading/saving routines don't raise any error also if fail.
- Add compression data (& more) statistics.
- Add SharpDevelop Solution/Projects Files.
- Change programm icon.
- Update SharpZipLib from version 0.83a to 0.84.

Changes since v1.0.9.1
- Fix a Stupid Bug on server form.
- Fix a bug on NT Service Start/Stop Routine.
- Fix a bug into tunnel reconnection routine.

Changes since v1.0.9
- Bug Fix on Digest Authentication Routines (problems when multiple "Proxy-Authenticate" headers found).
- Now server doesn't longer need to know if a client use compression inside tunnel.(you need to update the server !!!)
- New Forms design : add a TabControl.
- New Client Option to change "Content-Lenght" value.
- New "WarpTunnelUtils.dll" for better code organization.

Changes since v1.0.5
- Add Connections statistics client side.
- Add DIGEST proxy and SOCKS4/4a/5 authentication.

Changes since v0.95 (first pubblic release)
- correct a CPU leack in SeverTunnel and ClientTunnel.
- Add SharpZipLib to the project to compress data inside tunnel (this is an option)
- General testing.

Changes since v0.90
- Add delegates into server and client send-receive routine to let these two actions
(send and receive) to start into two distinct threads.
- Add Server GUI and Client GUI : the server one can start mulitple servers at the same
- Add NT Service for Servers.

Changes since v0.70
- Add multiThread server and client : now both client and server can accept
multiple connection at the same time.
- Add message logger.

Changes since v0.50
- Finish porting from C HyperTunnel's SourceCode.
- General Testing and bugs corrections.