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About WarpTunnel :

Last Version :

WarpTunnel - Release (15-01-2006)
WarpTunnelClientCE (15-01-2006) :

Compact Framework 2.0 version for Pocket PC 2003 e CE 5.0;
Don't include compression routines, logger, settings saving and some options.
Now Include all proxy authentications algorithms and proxy emulation on foward address/port.
Data encryption inside tunnel.

Authors :

Stefano Tubini (Porting, Testing, Developing)

Problem :

Restrictive Firewall or Proxy Servers block outgoing connections.

Solution :

WarpTunnel creates a bidirectional virtual data path tunnelled in HTTP requests through firewall or proxy servers using GET and POST HTTP methods. WarpTunnel is a porting of httptunnel-3.3 from C into .NET C# platform with several addons like :

- DIGEST proxy & SOCKS4/4a/5 authentication.
- TCP & UDP Protocols Support.
- Capability to run as a system service (Only WarpTunnelServer).
- Developer tools for easy creation of applications that use WarpTunnel.
- Proxy Emulation (HTTP CONNECT method, SOCKS4/4a/5) on WarpTunnelClient side.

Protocols tested with WarpTunnel :

- RDP (Remote Desktop)
- Telnet
- FTP (Passive mode only)(using ClientTunnel in proxy emulation)
- Emule (using ClientTunnel in proxy emulation)


( since version )

License info for Warptunnel's modules :

Warptunnel library "warptunnel.dll" and its source code is released under LGPL license.
WarpTunnelClientGUI, WarpTunnelServerGUI, WarpTunnelServersService, WarpTunnelClientCE and their source code are released under GPL license.
A copy of each license is included into every distribution.